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What Is
Network Care?

Network Care (or Network Spinal Analysis) is a progressive and holistic chiropractic approach to wellness that applies gentle, low force touch contacts, applied at Spinal Gateways, to cue the nervous system to develop new strategies for living and healing. Through this form of chiropractic, the contacts assist the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body. A person can utilize the tension stored along the spine, and in the entire body, as fuel for the healing process.

Network Chiropractic has been shown to promote an individual's experience of greater physical and mental/emotional wellness, as well as to reduce stress, enhance the ability to make healthier choices, enjoy life more, and improve one's quality of life.

Two healing waves develop spontaneously along the spine, which help regulate spinal tension, improve spinal and neural integrity, adaptability, and significantly advance wellness and quality of life.

This form of chiropractic care is advanced through a series of Levels, each producing new abilities to adapt to the environment, make healthier choices, enjoy life and develop a healthier spine.

Using an outcomes-assessment approach combines self-reported wellness profiles with practitioner clinical assessment to help review the emerging options for healing and an enriched life. This means your feedback on what is happening in your body and your life is essential to the healing process.